Definition and The importance of data technology

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 Definition of data technology

It is a specialty concerned with the processing and management of data , and it’s the science that deals with networks and software to store, protect and process data from stored information and data included in it.

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The importance of data technology in our lives

We will explain the importance of data technology as follows: –

The social sphere:

Ease and simple communication between individuals despite the distances involved and communication has become in sound and image, with the likelihood of going to know new people and a way of an individual’s well-being, because the device are often wont to play or watch everything that matters to the person on his device.

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Educational and cultural field:

It has become a way of education using electronic education that has been applied in many faculties , and students can watch educational programs also through it, and that we can anticipate to what interests us through the web .


Economic field:

With the event of data technology, it provides the chance for everybody to display their products on a wider and comprehensive scale, also as improve their choices through the alternatives offered, and it increases productivity and saves time and energy . 

Health field:

As one of the foremost important areas that require development, the newest information technology within the health field has been utilized in order to guage performance and improve it.

Technical field:

The development of data technology has had an impression on improving the means of displaying artistic works and therefore the speed of their completion.

Information technology risks

We will mention the damages resulting from information technology within the following points: –

Although the introduction of data technology in companies worked to make new job opportunities, it ended the existence of previously existing job opportunities, and an example of that’s the banking computer. This job ended and have become calculated automatically.

The high cost incurred by companies for using modern technology as an alternate to the old system. High cost of preparing the required technology requirements of devices, equipment and other people performing on it.

The multiplicity of means of penetration of this information through the web . Each currency has two sides. Despite the benefits of speeding up business performance and ensuring its correctness, this makes it more susceptible to being lost within the hands of others.

Addiction and familiarity with the utilization of technological means in an excessive way with none benefit.

Negative influence on the morals and minds of people by entering unwanted websites.

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