History of data Technology

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History of data Technology

We will explain the generations of development of data technology science, namely: –

First generation:

It is considered the primary computer prepared in 1948, the Manchesterexperimental machine, and it wont to have vacuum tubes for memory, exposing the pc to a sudden explosion when the tubes’ temperature increased.

second generation:

The situation evolved to possess a tool that consumes less energy at Bell Laboratories, and used magnetic cores as an alternate to vacuum tubes for memory.

third generation:

He then designed the primary commercially available warehouse device referred to as the FrantiMark I with 4,050 valves and an energy consumption of 25 kilowatts.


The differences between information and data

We will explain the differences between data and knowledge as follows:


Data is that the staple through which we manufacture the knowledge that’s ready within the system to be used in decision-making, which successively builds on institutions.

Data consists of numbers, symbols, or letters, but the knowledge is text that’s explained, complete and understandable to its readers and dealers.

Information is nothing but data that has been processed when it’s entered and programmed to become useful to the varied departments within the facilities.

Like the remainder of processing

The data is processed through the subsequent stages: –


The coding:

This is done by substituting a code or symbol for the traditional reading by the attention , and this code is merely recognized by the dealer.



Through it, each statement is arranged and distinguished separately and described in a simple and clear way so as to facilitate the method of obtaining the available data at any time and with minimal effort.



The data compiler classifies them into main and subgroups, consistent with the foundations on which the info is made .



And it’s two methods, an immediate method, which is that the manual transcription method, and an indirect method, via short film documents, or magnetic tapes.


Data retrieval:

The data is retrieved consistent with the tactic of entering it, whether manually or automatically, and decoding it to get clear information for the user, and within the case of multiple and varied information, it are often summarized and classified.


Information technology majors required for the market

We will review the foremost important IT specializations within the market as follows: –



It is the cornerstone of companies that look to a better and wider horizon through their field. Programming always depends on research and development in systems and applications, and therefore the creation of latest alternatives and solutions that are compatible and keep step with the event within the world of software.


Technical support:

As an outcome and an inevitable consequence of the existence of development that needs familiarity with the technical aspects of moving forward with technology.



One of the sorts of technological development is support through wireless communication.


Manage mobile devices applications:

One of the tasks required within the market , and it ranks third in terms of its scarcity within the market and the way to get it, as a results of the increasing use of mobile devices.


Project management:

The success of data technology depends on the success of the projects, and from that the people responsible of companies are trying to find talented project managers with distinguished experience.


Database management:

According to statistics, companies are trying to find people with the power to gather and summarize data if necessary, or make a logical data map to form decisions for development.

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