Information management and techniques

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 Rapid identification of problems and work to supply solutions commensurate with the dimensions of the matter , to avoid any losses, to require advantage of the present situation and to make sure that the matter is avoided again.

Information management, on the idea of which the institution is predicated , therefore the information systems guarantee the correctness, quality and effectiveness of the knowledge provided in helping to realize the objectives of the enterprise, so as to make sure its entry into the market with strength and competence, which is reflected within the quality of the assembly process and therefore the profit value within the affirmative.

Helping within the decision-making process, which is one among the defining steps within the institution’s progress and prosperity or its backwardness and decline, and thus information systems become the first means for collecting information about the institution altogether its details, coordinating and organizing it during a way that’s easy to affect , in order that matters concerning the institution become very transparent and clear to Managers, thus facilitating the power to require the proper decision within the interest of the enterprise and therefore the quality of the assembly process.

Institutions compete strongly in local and foreign markets. The competition unit requires comprehensive data analysis and continuous periodic evaluation that’s presented within the sort of reports to managers so as to supervise the institution’s existing operations, and strive to develop the technologies used and therefore the strategies followed, to succeed in the very best level of quality and efficiency at the extent of the institution’s employees.


Reflection of the utilization of the IT department on quality and efficiency:

Developing strategies and methods wont to achieve the goals of the organization and reach the simplest expected and required results and thus raise the extent of quality, and this is often done by providing the knowledge Systems Department comprehensive reports with all the small print of the corporate , and evaluating them in terms of the effectiveness of the strategies followed and developing their deficiencies, and this greatly contributes to containing the deficit within the management system then working to develop it effectively, which is within the interest of the organization as an entire and increases the efficiency and quality of labor and its workers

Improving the assembly process through permanent supervision of all employees within the institution’s departments and various fields, because the Information Systems Department provides managers with the chance to continuously supervise workers and work, what has been accomplished and what must be developed and rescheduled, and this is often done to realize the simplest possible results and with the smallest amount losses.

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