meaning of Information technology

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Raising the efficiency of workers by organizing training courses and identifying the factors of labor shortage, working to bridge the gaps in work and management systems, training them to use modern technology, and enlightening them about modern information programs that contribute greatly to raising efficiency, thus providing a product of top quality to internal markets and therefore the training of workers on the utilization of recent technology and knowledge systems ensures the success of the institution’s sweep of the country’s foreign markets, knowing the requirements of consumers and dealing to fill them and achieve their demands in line with the objectives of the institution.

Carrying out many tasks at an equivalent time, which contributes to achieving speed in performing tasks , saving time to try to to other tasks, and this helps within the occurrence of diversity in products, which contributes to the conquest of local and global markets with full force and therefore the acquisition of the many products, then the company’s leadership for several Industries, their advancement and increase in their investment.

Rapidly discovering problems, deficit centers, and deficiencies in various fields and systems within the organization, and dealing to unravel them during a scientific manner and with specific steps, ensuring that the assembly process isn’t suffering from problems, and thus preserving product quality and therefore the stability of profit value.

Providing the high cost utilized in shipping and ordering operations inside and out of doors the place of business , and this is often done by linking the organization’s various systems to every other and it’s the task of the essential information systems, thus facilitating the exchange of data inside and out of doors the organization’s systems during a smooth manner, so as to save lots of time, effort and costs.

The Information Systems Department also guarantees the standard within the use of raw materials for manufacturing, and this is often done by obtaining sufficient accurate and abundant information about the simplest suppliers at the simplest prices, and in fact the mechanisms utilized in manufacturing.

It also helps to gather information about the consumer’s needs, their requirements, and what the buyer is usually trying to find , and work to supply it to him within the newest ways, the newest means, and therefore the finest raw materials, which can help the organization increase profitability and increase the extent of quality.


Information technology is that the means by which updated information is obtained so as to access the simplest technologies and methods followed, to make sure the very best level of quality, and it also guarantees the supply of comprehensive reports on the workers of the organization, ranging from managers to employees, with excellent efficiency.


Which, in turn, guarantees the standard of the assembly process, which leads the organization to realize a profit surplus that results in the event and progress of the institution and its acquisition of an outsized a part of the local and global market , through which access to the simplest suppliers and investors so as to supply luxury products at rock bottom costs and therefore the highest level of quality.


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