the art of investing within the corporate information and communication technology sector Part 1

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 the art of investing within the corporate information and communication technology sector

Dubai Internet City recently organized a seminar on the art of investing within the ICT sector for little and medium-sized companies, which was held within the Thuraya hall within the city. John Lincoln, vice chairman of selling at Telecom Services Provider and Dubai Internet City business partner, said during the seminar that SMEs operating within the UAE are beginning to realize the importance of investments within the ICT sector, including lower operating costs, improving human resource efficiency and business efficiency. . Lincoln added that investments within the information and communication technology sector are important for increasing the productivity of small and medium-sized companies. At a minimum, increasing the productivity of small and medium-sized companies by 10% enables them to play a pivotal role sometimes in maintaining their competitiveness and sustainability. He acknowledged that the well-thought-out economic dependence of those solutions is one among the important factors for the success of medium and small-sized companies, additionally to the improper choice of solutions or the provider can have negative results for companies of this category, which may double its results thanks to their limited financial and human resources. 

 Like most companies of this category, they are doing not have the required local expertise within the field of data and communication technology to hold out specialized projects during this field on their own, and here also the importance of choosing companies from this category for technical partners who are distinguished by reliability, possessing sufficient knowledge and providing the simplest value for money paid. Small and medium companies contribute significantly to the GDP in most countries and are one among the most important sources of business and job opportunities within the global economy. A study conducted by Du in cooperation with Frost & Sullivan indicated that 98% of the businesses operating within the UAE Belong to the tiny and medium category. The study also indicated that companies within the UAE spend about 9.8 billion dirhams on their information and communication technology needs, with small and medium-sized companies contributing 50 percent of the quantity of paying . Dharmendra Parmar, head of selling at FVC, and business partner of Dubai Internet City, one among the participants within the event, said that SMEs within the region are getting more conscious of the importance of investing in information and communication technology and therefore the impact this has on their business. 

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